FAQ for BubbaLog

What should I track?
Each parent and baby will have different things they need to track. BubbaLog is designed to be flexible and allow for as much or as little as you would like to keep track of. When our babies were little doctors and nurses liked to know how much fluid the babies were drinking, how many wet and soiled nappies, plus how much sleep. This helped them to monitor if the baby was gaining enough weight. I needed to know which breast I was up to when breast feeding and keep track of when medication was due and administered.

Can I use BubbaLog for twins?
Yes you can, just use each facing page for each of the twins, there will be a few wasted pages or you can purchase 2 copies of BubbaLog and use one for each twin.

Why BubbaLog?
BubbaLog provides parents the ability to track the full 24 hours in every day with their baby. These daily pages allow parents to very easily keep track of what is happening with their baby. Breast and bottle/ cup feeding, medications, sleep and play are just some of the options available in BubbaLog. The planning column allows parents to leave notes at the time an activity is due to occur to help share the care.

There are weekly pages to cover things like shopping lists, milestones, questions for medical professionals and to do list.

How should I track?
The key is to keep it simple. Try to avoid complicated codes and symbols for the various things you are tracking. I went with W for wee, P for poo, 1 for the first breast I fed from in each feed, 2 for the second breast, and the first 3 letters of any medications I was using.

Keep it consistent. Try to avoid changing codes or symbols for the same thing eg; if you decide on P for Poo or S for Soiled, try to stick to it. This will minimise confusion, of course if the original choice isn’t working for you, make the change.

When tracking sleep, I used to just use a scribbly line in the sleep column whenever our baby was asleep. To keep track of which breast to feed from next, I used to tick the box I fed from first at the time I started and when I swapped I would tick the box at the time of swapping (near enough is good enough). When feeding became more efficient, I would put a 1 in the first breast column and a 2 in the second breast column; whatever works for each family.

How does BubbaLog help parents get some rest?
By keeping a record of what is needed for baby, others can help make sure baby receives it. In our house, when we were both home, if one of us was having a much needed rest, they didn’t need to be woken up to check if our baby needed any medication. It was in the BubbaLog, the parent on duty could easily see when the last dose of regular medications was administered and when the next one was due.

Before we started to BubbaLog, we were having to wake each other to ask if the medication was due. By adding things like “bath” in the plan column, the parent on duty or a friend / relative could make sure that happened and tick that it was done.

Why not just talk about what has happened?
It is really easy to forget what has been happening when everyone is tired or if anyone is in a rush to leave for work or other commitments. If it is written down, it is really easy to check.
Sleep is so important when a baby enters the home. Being woken up when taking a nap to answer a question is not ideal.

Is there an electronic version of BubbaLog?
Not yet, we are considering a BubbaLog app, but at the moment there isn’t anything available.