Do baby showers still have a place in 2018? And do you have to play silly games and open gifts? Baby showers have come a long way and the days of decorating the living room with baby bottles, sippy cups and blankies have given way to elaborate parties that are elegant and sophisticated. The new baby shower is held in a venue, beautifully decorated with modern colors and themes and plated meals being served instead of finger foods. And gifts range from the cute and fuzzy stuffies, to high tech gadgets including baby monitors and baby fetal dopplers so the parents to be can listen to their baby’s heartbeat before it is even born.

There are also some new trends in the way baby showers are decorated with themes that incorporate mother as well as baby and give a more modern take on the antiquated baby shower ideas of old.

If you are planning an upcoming baby shower and want it to be a memorable event that will show off your taste and sense of style, consider one of the following themes and make it an event to remember by all. Here are the latest baby shower trends for 2018:


This laid-back approach still offers a sophisticated feel but without the stuffiness. By combining floral arrangements with lace, succulents and other foliage, you can create an outdoor setting inside and create a truly beautiful baby shower.


Grazing tables have always been popular with the wedding reception crowd and are perfect for baby showers and your hungry guests. It is much less formal than plated meals being served and gives guests more choices when it comes to dining while mingling.


This is a theme that we are seeing more and more throughout 2017 and it has become the choice of many baby shower planners. Gone are the pastels we normally associate with baby showers and the new monochrome look with bold colors is taking hold. It can be sophisticated, playful or non-traditional and easily suit the mom-to-be’s personality.


Gender reveal baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. These are also a good way to turn the baby shower into a mom and dad event. Guests will be excited to learn the baby’s gender and gender reveals can be as elaborate as you want.

Any of these baby shower themes can make your event one to remember and they are all designed to make mom the real star of the day. If you are planning an upcoming baby shower and are looking for the perfect gift to give, visit BabyHeart today and find a wide selection of high quality, dependable baby fetal dopplers, baby monitors and more!

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