Every woman's journey through pregnancy is different, but there are a few things that you can count on - her body is changing, she's tired, she's achy and she wants to feel special.

Luckily, it’s nearly Christmas time and what better reason to spoil her!

If you’re looking for Christmas pregnancy gifts, these 10 great Christmas gift ideas for pregnancy are sure to surprise and delight the expectant mama in your life.

Treat her to something special

1. To help her connect with her growing baby... A Fetal Doppler

Sometimes just a little glimpse of your baby's heartbeat can make your day.

Give the expectant mama in your life a Fetal Doppler and she'll be able to easily listen to her baby's heartbeat from the comfort of home - a great way to help her feel connected to her growing baby.

As a bonus, she’ll also be able to let friends and relatives listen in to the baby’s heartbeat over the phone or even via Zoom, letting everyone share in the joy of the new arrival.

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2. To keep her skin soft... Belly Butter

Pregnancy can be hard on the skin - with all the rapid expansion to make room for your growing baby, collagen and elastin production in the skin can dramatically decrease. Dryness can also increase, leaving the skin stretch-marked.

Help her keep her skin in great condition with a rich belly cream or oil - it also doubles as a lovely self-care ritual to massage her baby bump with and connect with her growing baby!

For bonus points, look for shea butter and vitamin E to nourish the skin without fragrance, parabens, or phthalates.

3. To drown out the world... A Sound Machine

The ultimate double-duty, this handy gift is a 2-in-1... designed as a sound machine to help newborn babies sleep, it'll work just as well during her pregnancy when many women struggle to switch off and fall asleep.

And she'll love how well it helps her baby sleep too, when the time comes.

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4. To help her relax... A Pregnancy Massage

If you’re looking for a gift for your pregnant wife - listen up fellas, you can’t go past this one.

Aches and pains, begone! A speciality pregnancy massage session at a day spa is a maternity gift that will not only soothe her aching body, it will also remind her that she is special and deserves time out to care for herself.

We promise you, she will love this gift!

5. To make her feel beautiful.... Stylish Maternity Sleepwear

There will come a time in her pregnancy where she'll grow weary of wearing oversized t-shirts - help her to feel beautiful and pampered with some luxurious silk sleepwear, specifically designed for comfort during pregnancy.

She'll look and feel amazing (and she'll sleep better, too!).

Christmas Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women - The Best Pregnancy Gifts and Maternity Gifts for Pregnant Friend or Pregnant Wife

Something practical

6. To help her remember it all... A Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy goes past in the blink of an eye and it's easy to forget things. This one is a beautiful gift for a pregnant friend as it’s thoughtful, caring and unexpected - give her the gift of a beautiful journal so she can record all those strange midnight cravings, first kicks, ultrasound appointments and more.

It will become a keepsake that she will treasure forever and share with her child one day.

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7. To help her sleep well... A Maternity Body Pillow

Pregnancy’s changes to the body can mean that the expectant mama will develop aches, pains and sore spots that prevent her from getting a good night's sleep... help her overcome that barrier with a specially designed body pillow to support her back, hips and neck, keeping her spine in alignment and allowing her to fully relax whilst her bump is supported. After a full night's sleep, she will thank you!

8. To give her peace of mind… A Digital Infrared Thermometer

There’s no doubt that the world has changed in 2020! This non-contact, easy to use, portable professional thermometer will allow her to simply keep track of her temperature and will give her amazing peace of mind when her little one arrives and is faced with their first fever.

As it’s non-contact, this thermometer is a great choice for squirmy newborns!

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9. To take a few things off her to-do list... A Customised Hamper

It can be tough trying to come up with unique presents for mums-to-be, but what better way to show her you care than with a customised pregnancy hamper, chocked full of treats and remedies specific to how far along in her pregnancy she is!

This is a great gift idea to give to a pregnant friend that lives far away, or if you’d like to take the guesswork out of choosing a pregnancy gift.

10. To keep morning sickness at bay... A Pregnancy-Safe Tea Blend

Give her the gift of keeping her nausea at bay and she'll love you forever! A caffeine-free, Pregnancy-safe herbal blend of tea is a perfect thoughtful gift to show her that you care.

Looking for even more Christmas gift ideas for the expectant mama in your life?

Shop our great range of pregnancy products here.

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