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Announcing your pregnancy to your family and friends is so exciting! Seeing the joy and happiness on their faces is priceless, and being able to capture that memory is even sweeter.

Here are popular ideas for baby announcement gifts so you can surprise your loved ones with the exciting news via a gift.

1. Scratch Cards

A fun baby announcement gift is a card that reveals your exciting news when scratched with a coin.

Etsy is the best place to look for these; there are so many to choose from that it’ll be easy to find one that suits your style!

pink shirt announcing wearer will be an aunty

Image by HelloHandpressed from Etsy Shop

2. Wearable Baby Announcements

Have you thought of giving a wearable baby announcement? Give a longer-lasting memento by having your message printed onto a t-shirt or hat.

Hop online and see if any places near you offer custom printing, “Grandma to be”, “Promoted to Aunty” or “I’m about to be a Grandpa” are some examples of what you might choose to get printed on an article of clothing as a fun keepsake.

If you are wanting an affordable printing option, places like Kmart and Officeworks offer printing services too.

3. Re-Label Their Favourite Drink

This one is pretty easy to do! Design your label for their favourite beverage, and use it as baby announcement gifts to share with loved ones.

Etsy is a great place to find custom sticker makers, but again be sure to check out your local stores and small business where you can. If you have a friend with an electronic die cut machine, like a Cricut, you can also create your own!

You could relabel their favourite canned soft drink, coffee, tea and more!

4. Make a Game out of it!

Why not print your pregnancy announcement on a puzzle and make a game out of it?

You can either buy a puzzle that already has the announcement, get one custom made or make it yourself.

You could repaint an old puzzle you already have or buy a blank puzzle and artfully place the message on yourself for that special, personalised touch.

5. Create a Cracking Announcement

Talk to your local cake shop or cake creator about creating a smash cake that can contain a hidden message.

Your loved ones will have to smash through a layer of chocolate to open the cake and reveal your exciting news. This is an excellent option for those who want to ensure their announcement isn’t wasteful as you get to eat the delicious cake after!

baby announcement necklace for grandma

6. Give the Gift of Jewellery

For a more permanent gift, why not give your loved one a baby announcement on a piece of jewellery.

The options are endless; you could give them a bracelet charm, an engraved necklace, an engraved watch, a set of earrings, whatever piece you think suits your loved one best. And this timeless memento could even be passed down to your future baby.

7. Baby Books

Give your loved ones a baby book as a baby announcement gift. There are so many great books out there to announce your pregnancy. Some include activities your family and friends get to do with your future baby as well.

Check out your local bookstore for some inspiration, and as a bonus, they can read the book with your baby in the future!

8. Drop a Hint with a Practical Baby Essential

Why not wrap up something you both will need when the baby comes!

Wrap up a few nappies in some neutral wrapping paper, and when they open it, you can explain that they might need these in the future (hint, hint!). Not only is it a practical gift, but they will quickly understand the message too.

9. Use a Fetal Doppler

Why not invest in an announcement gift that allows you and your family to connect with your unborn child?

Surprise them with the gift of a fetal doppler, and explain that they can’t hear your baby’s heartbeat without one! Not only is this a fun way to announce the exciting news, but you all get to connect with the baby by hearing its heartbeat.

10. Dress Up a Sibling

If you already have a child, why not get them a cute outfit that says “I’m going to have a sibling!”.

When they walk in the room with your loved ones, everyone will quickly understand the exciting news, plus you can use this announcement multiple times.

a stack of white nappies with yellow shoes on top, sitting next to a teddy bear

11. Put the Baby Announcement in a Mug

This will be such a sweet surprise, but why not put your message in the bottom of a mug. You can make your friends or family a cup of tea, and when they finish their drink they get a sweet surprise!

12. Give them a Custom Sign

Whether you’re giving baby announcement gifts to future grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends, you can get a sign made for their home.

Creating a sign could be a fun DIY project, or you can get them custom made off sites like Etsy or eBay.

Some ideas to put on the sign include “Aunty & Uncles House, established 2021” or “The best parents get promoted to grandparents”.

13. If They Love Golf, Announce it on a Golf Ball!

If your friend or family member loves to golf, why not get your baby announcement printed on a golf ball.

A custom golf ball is such a practical gift and shows you pay attention to their hobbies and interests. They can even use it to teach your child how to play golf in the future.

But Don’t Forget the Most Important Thing

Baby announcement gifts are great, and seeing your family and friends get excited about the news is so special.

If you want to remember this moment forever, the most important thing is to capture it with photos or video. Being able to look back at this fond memory will be so sweet, and you’ll get to show your future child just how loved they were from the get-go.

Make sure to have a camera set up and ready or have a partner or friend be the operator. Before the reveal, make sure the camera has enough memory, a clean lens and a full battery to avoid missing the special moment.

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